YouTube Launches Unbelievable New Features And Big Updates

YouTube has a few unbelievable new features that will be available to creators and institutions who use the platform for educational content.

YouTube has announced launching an embeddable video player to support education apps.

The player will remove ads, external links and recommendations so viewers can "avoid distracting" themselves. 

YouTube's recommendation algorithm has been scrutinized for years because it can deliver extreme content and misinformation.

Selected partners can start the ad-free and recommendation-free player, including education tech companies like EDpuzzle and Google Classroom.

YouTube announced additional tools that will allow creators to create educational content, including the ability to charge viewers for their videos.

Starting next year, some creators will have the option to create "courses" that are either free or paid. 

These courses can include playlists of videos for viewers. Viewers can view the course ad-free, and the videos will play in the background if they purchase them. 

YouTube also announced a new quiz feature creators could create in the community tab of their channel.

In beta, the company will introduce quizzes to creators over the next few months.