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YouTube Hires Former Apple's iMore Leader As A New Creator

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Rene Ritchie, the former editor-in-chief of the Apple-centric site iMore, who has also been an active YouTuber for the past two years, has announced that he will join YouTube as its brand new creator liaison, as he revealed on Wednesday. 

As the creator liaison Ritchie is expected to work as a spokesperson for YouTube to advocate on behalf of creators and will work with creators in helping them gain a better understanding of YouTube as a platform, he explained.

Through YouTube, Ritchie has grown his channel to over 325,000 followers, and I'm one of his Subs. 

Ritchie has put in the effort to establish connections with other creators in the YouTube community. 

His video about his new job includes personal clips from various creators, with big names such as MrBeast, iJustine, and MKBHD. You can watch that video on YouTube Insider Press Channel

He said "YouTube will continue to add new features in Shorts, live streaming, and enhanced tools to remove spam comments".