Today's optical illusion image is driving the world insane. This viral optical illusion image tricks your brain into believing that color is missing. Your brain ignores the real color. 

Take a look at the image given below and try to find out the color of the strawberries.

This image was created by a Japanese psychologist. It proves that color illusions can be possible and that your brain can lie to you in such situations.

Recently, Akiyoshi Kataoka, Ritsumeikan University in Japan, shared an image of a strawberry tart. This has confused many. The image is already given below.

The strawberries in this picture aren't what they appear to be.

Are they blue or green or red or some other color? or a combination of red and blue?

This image was just modified by a Japanese scientist to change the red pixels to cyan or gray. To be clear, there are not any red pixels in this picture.

What are the users' opinions about this? Many readers saw its presence despite the absence of red color. One user stated that "there are red pixels."

Another person said that it is a warm gray. Kitaoka, however, put an end to the argument by writing that "Strawberries appear reddish" even though all pixels are cyan- or grey.

Why Did You Saw Strawberries Color As Red and not Cyan? According to a study, the brain takes pictures of things when it sees them for longer periods. Your brain is so familiar with red strawberries that it also sees a little bit of red in grey strawberries.

A few everyday objects can be associated with particular colors, such as bananas which are usually yellow. Research has shown that the perception of these objects, which are known as color-diagnostic objects, is affected by how familiar we are with their common color. This is called memory color.

This phenomenon is also known by the name "cortical coloring-in". It occurs via the visual cortex which is located in the occipital brain.