Can you find curved lines in the below given image? You can't (it's a challenge). Let's see why?

Reddit users and Internet users are baffled by this optical illusion image.

If you look closely, however, you will notice that some lines appear to curve before returning straight.

No matter what you do, there seems to be no solution. This is because the illusion relies upon a strategically placed colour and shape to fool your brain.

Scientists have previously explained that an illusion can occur when your brain guesses what's going on in an image as you stare at just one part of it.

Michael Bach, an illusion lover, offered an explanation via his blog. He wrote, "This amazing design illusion is by illustrator Lesha Porche (USA). 

Explanation: The tiles contain a low-resolution brightness curve obscured by all the borders.

"It can be made more apparent by applying a little blur (4–5). The blur occurs automatically in our visual system, because –largely unnoticed– our visual resolution rapidly falls off from the center of gaze: at 10° eccentricity our visual acuity is 1/10th of the central one.

The periphery is not blurred. Instead, our visual system creates its sharpness, just like our blind spots are "filled" with "fill in".

Bach's theory suggests the lines in the illusion aren't actually curved in the way your brain is telling you.