Meta accounts will start rolling out in August 2022 for new and existing Quest users.

You can continue using your Oculus account until January 1, 2023, if you have logged in using an Oculus account. You can see all VR apps that you have purchased if you migrate your account.

This new option fulfils a promise Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg made last summer. It also addresses that Meta's VR user base resentfully required a Facebook account. 

Meta accounts may have some of the same requirements as Facebook accounts, but they are not required to be created. 

Meta account creation requires a lot of personal information. This includes your name, email address, phone number, and payment details to purchase apps. 

According to a blog post, the Meta account is not a social profile. However, you will need to create a Meta Horizon profile which is social and will be visible on both VR and other surfaces like the web.

You have three privacy options to see Horizon account activity: "Open to everyone", "friends and families," and "solo." 

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The accounts are not based on mutual friends like Facebook but on a "followers" system like Instagram. 

Similar to Facebook, users can search for a locked-down account. They can view your profile picture, avatar, username and display name, and how many people you follow. 

You can also set your account to "private" to allow you to approve others who follow you. One difference is that you can have multiple Meta accounts with different Horizon profiles. 

This contrasts with Facebook's "one identity" rule. Meta suggests that this is a way for multiple personas to be maintained, such as a business profile and one meant for gaming with friends. 

Meta's model is still much more restricted than other VR headsets, most of which are PC-tethered. However, they don't need an account to be set up.

It's possible to be less irritating for those who don't want Facebook to deal with, while Meta has another chance to grow beyond its last name.