Starbucks Baristas went viral after sharing their "genius" method of getting customers to exit their drive-thru store when it was closed unexpectedly because of a plumbing problem.

Drey, who posts as @itsdreymf on Tiktok, claims that they had to pretend to be robots to dissuade customers from waiting in line at the drive-thru and argue with employees about the fact that their location wasn't open.

The video was captioned "Just another day at paradise :)," Drey."

Starbucks customers have sometimes waited in line at the drive-thru to try to get their coffee fixed, even though the store was closed or not open.

One incident occurred several months ago. A hopeful customer refused to leave even though the store was closed for the night.

Drey, however, had no signs to indicate that they had closed earlier and had an alternative solution for those customers who were stubborn.

Drey explains in TikTok that "so my Starbucks location had closed early today because of plumbing problems" We already had a line at the drive-thru. 

However, we must tell them as they come still since we don't have signs or signage. We were like, "Hey, sorry y'all. Today, we closed. Actually, we just closed.'"

They say, "And ofcourse, you know that, 'Oh My Gosh! What?!" The TikToker impersonates an angry customer and says, "What does it mean that you're closed?" I don't understand? "Why?" You don't understand?

Drey says they became tired of explaining the situation to customers and dealing with their reactions.

"The next person who comes through the drive-thru, try to sound as automated and natural as possible. They say "OK", recalling their thoughts.

“‘Sorry. Our location is now closed,'” Drey says in a tone mimicking an automated message. “And they roll right through. I was like…wait a minute this shit works, let’s try it again.”

Viewers were impressed by the barista’s ability to seamlessly transition voices. “How tf do you have so many voices,” one user wrote. “PLEASE THE VOICE CHANGE,” a second added.