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Xiaomi Redmi Phones To Ship Without Chargers Too

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Xiaomi has announced the Redmi Note 11SE smartphone in India today. 

Although most of the coverage centers on the phone's specs, Xiaomi India's official website states that the phone will be shipped without a charger.

Xiaomi discontinued charging accessories inside the retail box beginning in Mi 11 in China,

And the US users could choose an adapter that could be shipped on its own; this will be the very first time that a Redmi phone comes with no adapter.

We can view the packages of Note 11 SE. The box's contents for Note 11 SE include the phone,

USB-C cable SIM Ejector Tool, case with protection, a quick start guide, and a warranty card.

Redmi Note 11SE package contents

The other Redmi phones sold through Xiaomi India's website come with the charger included; therefore, 

It remains to be determined whether this Note 11 SE is an anomaly or if future Redmi phones will be sold without a power adapter.