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Xiaomi Launches Cooking Robot

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Xiaomi has announced its Mijia Cooking Robot, a brand new kitchen gadget similar to the well-known Thermomix TM6. 

Xiaomi claims there are 35 ways you can utilize the gadget, ranging from grinding spice to stirring-frying.

The machine can handle as low as 1 g (~0.04 1 oz) of food items. It's maximum capability of 2.2 L and a broad range of speeds ranging between 40 and 12,000 RPM.

There are more than 200 recipes and instructional videos on the built-in 8-in (~20 millimeters) touchscreen.

Additionally, you can operate this Cooking Robot with Xiao AI voice commands.

The CookingIoT algorithm manages cook-time, automatically measuring temperatures and cooking times. The price of this robot in China is 5,999 Yuan (~US$869).