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Xiaomi CyberOne Robot Revealed To Give Tesla Bot A Humanoid Rival

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During a live event, Xiaomi unveiled CyberOne, the first humanoid robot.

CyberOne, according to Xiaomi, can sense emotions and reach speeds of 3.6 km/h.

According to Lei Jun, the robot is medium-sized and light in height. 

According to the company, the robot can recognize 45 emotions from human vocal sounds and has a face made of an OLED panel. 

The robot also features two microphones to hear and two cameras that can see in three dimensions.

13 joints allow it to move its body through 21 degrees of freedom.

Xiaomi CyberOne Robot

The motors propulsion of the legs of the machine is capable of generating a maximum torque of 300Nm.

While its motors drive its upper limbs, they can only generate a torque of 1Nm.

Despite the incredible live demonstration, Lei stated that each CyberOne would cost 600,000 to 700,000.

This is approximately $89,100-104,000. It will take some time before his company can mass-produce this machine.