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Worst People In The Entire History Of Human Being

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Although there were many people we could have added to this list, the number of slots available was limited to 25.

The severity of the crimes committed by the victims often led to our decision.

However, the real challenge was deciding who was the worst of the worst. The legends of the infamy have been rewritten history many times.

1. Heinrich Himmler 2. Joseph Stalin 3. Ivan IV 4. Adolf Hitler 5. Elizabeth Bathory

6. Pol Pot 7. Judas Iscariot 8. Vlad the Impaler 9. Dr. H. H. Holmes 10. Idi Amin Dada

11. Mao Zedong 12. Osama bin Laden 13. Leopold II of Belgium 14. Saddam Hussein 15. Jim Jones

16. Nero 17. Jeffrey Dahmer 18. Ayatollah Khomeini 19. Muammar Gaddafi 20. Caligula

21. Genghis Khan 22. Emperor Hirohito 23. Bloody Mary 24. Maximilien Robespierre 25. Attila the Hun