Wordle, the online puzzle that is so popular, will soon be made into a multiplayer board game. 

The New York Times bought Wordle earlier in the year and is now partnering with Hasbro to bring Wordle to the physical world as Wordle: The Party Game.

Wordle was popularized largely because, for a while, everyone was posting their Wordle results on Twitter. 

However, solving Wordle puzzles is usually a solo task. Wordle: The Party Game makes Wordle a group activity.

One player will think of a five-letter word. The other players will have to guess the first. 

After everyone has made their guesses, the word-thinker will slide transparent yellow and green tiles on top of the correct letters. 

Your guesses will be made using dry-erase markers placed on small boards. Once a round is completed, you can wipe the boards clean to play again.

This video by Hasbro gives you an idea of how it all works.

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