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Wonder Of Science: Stunning Northern Lights in Norway

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What are the northern lights in Norway (as you saw in the video)? Let's understand everything about this lights

In simple terms, It's the result of the collision of electrically charged particles of the sun that are released into the atmosphere of the earth.

The lights often referred to as aurora borealis, are visible at night as the night sky gets dark. 

This is like watching a celestial dance of lights across night skies with a palette of blue, green, violet, and pink.

Although you shouldn't overlook the lighting as it is, at the very least, it's a natural phenomenon, as is the weather; you will still enjoy the magical lights of Northern Norway all through the winter night.

If you're lucky, you will observe stunning sunset colours in the south, while the northern sky is deep and dark blue. 

When it is "the blue hour" at dusk, the snowy landscape gets covered in a transparent deep blue colour.

Even if the Auroras aren't dancing, the experience of the night sky's starry, endless sky can help you reconnect with the vast universe.