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Woman Climbs Into Mcdonald’s Drive-thru To Cook Her Own Order In Viral Video

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People sometimes go to extreme lengths to get fries and burgers.

In a TikTok video, a woman climbs through a McDonald's drive-thru window to reach the kitchen to cook her own food. (Video is attached in the next few slides.)

The clip stated that the fast-food workers ran out of gloves and could no longer take orders because of sanitary concerns.

She requested permission from her manager to start her "first day in training" so she could place her own orders.

Since then, the video has been viewed almost 682,000 times and has been liked by over 120,000 people.

The clip transitions to her entering the kitchen in a full-dressed and high-heeled outfit as she is excited to learn about the restaurant chain's processes.

Credits: @greergreer