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Will AI Turn Against Us? If yes, What'll do?

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Artificial Intelligence is all around us. 

From Amazon product recommendations and Google automatic completion, AI has overrun nearly every aspect of our daily lives.

However, AI isn't very effective. Have you ever had a meaningful chat with Siri, Alexa and Cortana? Not Till Now. 

However, it doesn't mean it'll always remain this way. 

While it's not lived the expectations of many, it is getting better. 

In a dream-like version of an AI-driven future, humans are supported by attentive, intelligent butlers that meet our every desire. 

In the dystopian vision, robots declare their independence and proclaim a Terminator-style apocalypse on humankind. 

But how realistic are these scenarios? Does AI ever achieve general intelligence? 

Can AI take over all our jobs? Will AI ever be conscious (recently, you might have heard of LaMDA, A bot by Google allegedly found to be conscious on experimenting)? 

Could AI have free will? Unfortunately, there is no way to know; however, a good time to begin thinking about the subject is now.