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Why TikTok's Search Engine is Becoming a Threat to Google? 

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In 2021 Google was the most significant market player, with a share of 92.47 per cent of the worldwide internet-based search. 

But, the rise of TikTok's popularity in the younger age group in search results could be a danger to Google Search.

At the Fortune Brainstorm Tech conference in 2022, Google's Senior Vice President Prabhakar Raghavan announced that in an internal study conducted by Google, 

Around 40 per cent of teens between 18-24 in the US prefer using 'TikTok or Instagram over Google Maps or Google Search' when searching for the nearest restaurant. 

Younger users may be more inclined to use platforms such as Instagram and TikTok instead of Google in search results due to their high-quality visual content. 

For instance, locating all you need to be aware of a nearby restaurant in a short clip of 12 seconds is much more attractive than reading many reviews or a long 4 minutes blog.

"New internet users don't have the same expectations or the mentality which we've become accustomed to", Raghavan elaborates.

The older age group also prefers to be more engaged in using audio-visual media for learning something new rather than reading a book or article.

In addition, people today are less attentive and are looking for crisp, straightforward, informational content.

A study by MRC Data and Flamingo Group found that 75 per cent of TikTok users claim to have discovered artists through the platform. 

Additionally, 33% of users use it as a platform to discover alternative music.

According to a YPulse study, users between 13 and 39 don't rely only on YouTube to discover new music. 

Regarding diverse searches, Instagram (60 per cent) and TikTok (54 per cent) are gradually gaining popularity.

Google's Take On This Threat Google knows the dangers that audio-visual platforms pose, such as Tiktok and Instagram. 

While Google has not yet considered the threat a reason for concern, the company is working to create more interactive features to remain ahead of the competition.

"Our purpose with 'Search' is to provide users with the most pertinent and valuable information that is available. 

The internet has more ways for people to seek information than ever before, and this happens outside of the limitations of just an engine for the search", Google explained in an article on its blog.

Although TikTok's algorithm doesn't pose an immediate threat to Google yet, however, its abilities could aid in helping TikTok beat Google and become the most popular search engine in the near term.