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Why Is Dall-E 2 A Scam? -  An Artificial Intelligence Tool From OpenAI

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Using millions of investors $, Dall-E has harvested vast amounts of human creativity - which it did not pay for and does not own or credit - and demands ownership over whatever you make (find) with it. 

Paying for it benefits a tech company on the back of a century of human effort - a bulls*it deal. 

Dall-E undermines the work of creators of all kinds, photographers, illustrators, and concept artists who shared their work online and never asked to be included in a proprietary learning model. 

It rips off the past generation for the current one and charges them money for it.  It's a clear scam. Please share this story it you believe it as a scam.

Because it's a black box, passing off Dall-E images as one's work will always be akin to plagiarism. 

All controls are hidden, and many ordinary words are censored. Like Google, it uses opaqueness to conceal ideology, very far from being 'Open' AI.  

Its not even good for memes.. the other generators do a better job.