Why Apple Is Excluding The Physical Sim Card

Apple announced it would no longer use SIM cards or trays for its new iPhone 14 line in the United States at its press conference this week.

Apple is now using eSIMs, a digital alternative. Apple introduced eSIM support for iPhones in 2018,

Promising that it would make it easier for customers to activate their cellular plans

And allow them to use multiple phone numbers or carriers for the same device.

Apple has decided to double down on this feature, removing all infrastructure that supports physical SIM cards from the iPhone 14. 

Kaiann Drance, Apple's vice president of iPhone marketing, said that eSIM allows you to quickly transfer an existing plan or obtain a new one, all digitally. 

Drance spoke about how eSIM cards make devices more secure, noting that someone can't take the physical SIM card if an iPhone is stolen or lost.

The SIM card slot can be removed to make room for bigger batteries and other features. 

This is a big deal for Apple, which strives to make its phones thinner. 

Although the decision to remove the SIM card slot from Apple's iPhone may not be as controversial as 

The one that removed the headphone jack from its device, there have been some grumblings about it on social media.