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Who Was James E. Webb? The Name Behind NASA's James Webb Telescope

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James Edwin Webb was born in 1906 in North Carolina. 

He graduated from college in education and law(opens in a new tab) and was a part of the US Marine Corps.

He held a high-ranking position within the State Department from 1949 until the mid-1950s.

The year 1961 saw U.S. President John F. Kennedy appoint Webb to the position of NASA administrator. Webb was the second since the agency's establishment in 1958.

In this capacity as a NASA scientist, he was in charge of his part in the Apollo program to bring humans to the moon. He was highly successful in securing Congress's support. 

In addition, he guided NASA through the challenging aftermath of an incident that saw three Apollo 1 astronauts lose their lives during a fire in the capsule on the ground.

Webb pushed for science to be prioritized in the Cold War environment, where every space mission was a political tool. 

Webb quit NASA after 1968, before the time that Apollo 11 flew to the moon. 

Later in his life, Webb served on several advisory boards and was a part of his involvement with the Smithsonian Institution, the U.S. famous cluster of museums, educational and research centres. 

He passed away in the year 1992.