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Today's Challenge: Find a lollipop hidden among the ice creams.

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This mind-boggling puzzle left the internet feeling less than sweet. But can you find the lollipop hidden in the ice creams and this puzzle?

Gergely Dudas, also known by Dudolf in Hungary, is well-known for his complex Where're Waldo-esque doodles. His latest one is no exception.

A single lollipop is hidden among these ice creams. Can you find it in 10 seconds?

Over 4,000 people have tried to find the sweet treat, but very few found out in 10 seconds? Chek out hints if you're struggling

One stated, "It took me 2 seconds to find the lollipop, but I spent 3 minutes laughing at the 2 horrifying cones and the one who was licking them."

Hint: Please look at the top of this picture and then go to the right.