Today's optical illusion test challenges viewers to identify the black dots within the image.

This optical illusion image is a brainteaser at its best. Although it doesn't reveal anything about you, this optical illusion picture will make your brain work at its best. 

Not one person on this earth who has taken the test spotted all 12 black dots in a go. Give it a shot. You might be a person with extraordinary powers

How many black dots can you see? One user commented on Twitter, "I can only see one dot; how could they be twelve?"

Another person said, "I can see four in one go, but it is impossible to see 12 at once." See "Why majority of people can't see all the 12 dots in one try" in the last slide.

We bet, that only the person with the capabilities of X-Men can see all 12 at one time.

5 is the highest number anyone has claimed to have seen in one try. If you have spotted more than this, Please share this web story with your friends

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What's the reason behind this? Why majority of people can't see all the dots in one try? This optical illusion is caused by human peripheral vision.

You can see the test, and you will see that the dots are clearly visible. However, if you focus on the other one and look down, the one you were trying to see disappears.