This brain teaser could sometimes cause problems in relationships, as it promises to reveal how likely you are to cheat.

Unfaithfulness can be caused by various reasons, including feeling insecure or disrespectful. This illusion is a great way to test your love for someone or your partner.

This interesting image focuses on the first impressions. It reveals your tendency to cheat based upon what you are attracted to first.

It shows a serene scene of nature with two trees, two birds flying overhead, and two unidentified objects.

Illusionists can interpret it in many different ways, with some observing one element first. Which part of the image did your first glance at?

If birds were your first attraction, you are the type of person who will always be faithful.

This is unless fate intervenes. According to experts, if you saw birds in your first impression then you love romance, romanticize the world, and believe in destiny and fate.

Even if you have the best intentions, your eyes might wonder if you meet the right people at the wrong times. You could congratulate yourself for being faithful if instantly attracted by the illusion's trees.

Most likely, you're the type of person who will never, always cheat. But this doesn't always work out well.

This can lead to you being unable to control your emotions and making poor decisions. However, it can be detrimental to your personal growth.

It is important to identify when you are unhappy with a partner and not fear for your romantic future. It's possible that your eyes were instantly drawn in by the huts.

Even though you are often involved in extracurricular activities, it is not something you plan on. If you want your way, your relationships will allow you to have sex with other people honestly.

Unfortunately, You are not willing to openly share your thoughts with your partners. If you notice the elephants leaning on their heads first, this is a sign that you have learned from your past mistakes.

Although you may have once cheated, you will never do it again if you realize the potential damage. You are experienced in relationships and would regret not keeping your affair secret.