What Ex-Starbucks Employees Think Of Top 5 Popular Drinks

1. Danielle Damrell: Black brewed coffee is cheap but can be disappointing.

She believes Starbucks over-roasts coffee beans, giving them a bitter, acidic taste.  She added, "It's the most affordable thing on the menu."

2. Pour-over coffee can be a better value. Damrell said, "For the same price as regular brewed coffee but with a better taste, you can ask for a pour-over." 

Although this order can take a little longer to prepare, the coffee will have a smoother flavor.

3. The chai-tea latte might not be worth it. Damrell said Starbucks' chai is not for you if you're looking for a fresh and hand-made option.

The chai is available in pre-mixed concentrate, and baristas can add milk or water to make it more delicious.

4. One barista called the Cloud Macchiato a "waste of money." Kathryn Humphreys stated, "The Cloud Macchiato was a complete waste of money."

5. Blonde-roast coffee is a good choice if you want a mild, caffeinated beverage. The Starbucks blonde roast is well-known for its smooth taste, and strong caffeine hit.

Damrell said that the "Blonde" roast was her favorite brewed-coffee option. It is the smoothest and has the highest caffeine content.