What Is The Ethereum Merge?

Finally, The Merge is live. But do you know what Ethereum Merge is?  Let's talk about it.

This blockchain technology known for running smart contracts is taking the next giant step towards efficiency in general, energy efficiency, costs, and others.

Merge will split the Ethereum network into smaller data blocks, allowing faster transactions. This is known as sharding. 

Most experts believe that Ethereum 2.0, in its new avatar, can bring back some developers who were lost to this blockchain.

"Web 3 developers find Ethereum too expensive because it requires higher gas fees. 

These developers will be able to return to Ethereum after Ethereum 2.0 (The Merge). 

"The transition to proof of stake is expected to lower Ethereum's energy consumption in the range of 99.95%," stated Naimish Sanghvi (co-founder) of decentralized application MultiSender.

According to experts, the merger shouldn't matter that much. Hype is more than expected. "The merge is almost meaningless to ordinary users,"