What Is Ethereum?

Ethereum, launched in 2015, is the second-largest cryptocurrency market capital after Bitcoin.

However, unlike Bitcoin, it wasn't designed to be a digital currency. 

Instead, Ethereum's founders sought to create a global, decentralized computing platform 

That would take the security and openness offered by blockchains and expand those attributes to a wide range of applications.

Ethereum is a popular investment vehicle and store of wealth. It can be used to send or receive value, just like Bitcoin. 

Developers can use the Ethereum blockchain to create and manage a wide range of applications, including 

Games, sophisticated databases, and complex financial instruments. They don't need a bank or other institution to do so.

Ethereum-based apps can be built using smart contracts. 

Smart contracts are similar to regular paper contracts and establish the terms of any agreement between parties.

Ethereum, like Bitcoin, is an open-source project and is not controlled or owned by anyone.