What is the best time to invest in crypto? DCA strategy has answer

Price volatility can occur for cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, sometimes daily or even hourly.

Volatility, like any investment, can cause uncertainty, fear, or even avoidance of making a profit.

So how can you decide when to buy when prices fluctuate? It's not rocket science. Let's learn about it.

Many investors, instead of trying to "time" the market, they use a strategy called "dollar-cost averaging" (or "DCA") 

to lessen the volatility of the market by investing a smaller amount in an asset, such as crypto, stocks, and gold, regularly.

DCA or Dollar-cost averaging is a long-term strategy that allows an investor to buy smaller amounts of an asset over time.

For example, an investor might invest $100 monthly in Bitcoin instead of $1,200.

The DCA schedule of an investor may change and, depending on their goals, it could last for a few months to many years.