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Video: Watch What Happens When Diver Cracks Egg 45 Feet Underwater 

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TikToker And YouTuber Shane Brown cracked an egg deep in the sea, and viewers were stunned by the next thing that happened!

Shane is a diver from Hawaii and content creator who has amassed a following of over 10 million viewers for his videos that showcase diverse underwater adventures. 

In the past, Shane posted a video in which he breaks an egg deep in the sea, which is awe-inspiring. Video is given in the last slide. Skip few slides if you want to watch it now.

The video, which has over 200 Million views and counting, starts with GoPro images of Shane in the water, tapping an egg using his camera.

"I have heard that when you break an egg deep in the sea, a bizarre thing occurs," Shane explains before the video is cut to a shot of eggs floating on the bottom of the water.

Then, he takes the egg and dives approximately 45 feet into the water. To see whether the egg can float, Shane releases it, and, to his delight, his egg sinks.

According to Shane, the first time he tried breaking the egg proved ineffective because his camera was not strong enough. 

Then he returns to the surface to take some breath before going back to break it using his second camera.

Video Credits: @ShangerDanger