Today's Optical Illusion

Today's optical illusion puzzle will reveal a key aspect of your personality. This puzzle was created by Bright Side. 

What do you see? A dark-haired woman seated on the ground or with a large jaw.

Bright Side claims that people who first see a dark-haired lady have sharp observational skills and an eye for detail.

The narrator said, "Also you're a reserved and introverted person." These people are very reserved and feel tired when they are surrounded by other people.

People see you as quiet and shy. "You make it difficult for others to get to know you but you truly enjoy your solitude and don’t feel rejected or lonely."

People who see a face with a wide jaw are more likely to be able to remember the first time they saw it.

The narrator stated that "you're probably more on the extroverted side".

"Socializing, chatting, and hanging out with friends and acquaintances gives energy, not draining like for introverts."

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