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WeWork’s Co-founder's New Startup (Valued at 1 Billion Dollar)

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Adam Neumann is the co-founder of WeWork and the former CEO. 

He is currently working on a rental real estate company funded by Andreessen Horowitz.

According to The New York Times, Neumann's new venture capital company, called Flow, invested approximately $350 million in Neumann.

Flow aims to offer a consistent housing experience through a series of apartment complexes.

According to the Times, this investment is the largest single check Andreessen Horowitz wrote in a funding round to a company.

It places Flow's value at more than $1 billion, despite criticisms that 

"his leadership of WeWork has been described as a cautionary tale about corporate hubris" -- even though it has not yet launched. 

Neumann purchased 3,000 apartments in Miami, Fort Lauderdale and Atlanta to build his Flow-branded apartments.