Web Stories Traffic Down Or Zero? Learn How To Fix It

Is your web stories traffic down or zero? If yes, then you must read this web story till the end.

Based on our experience, To fix this web stories traffic problem, we've curated the best practices given in the upcoming slides.

1. Stop Copy Pasting Others Content If You're Doing. 2. Stope using spinning or AI rewriting tools to create stories.

3. Don't randomly pick any topic and start writing web stories.  4. Create web stories related to content you're posting on your website.

5. If you've copied / spammed / written web stories from others websites, Please delete it now.

6. Use as much video as possible, and supplement with images and text. 7. Post consistently, don't track or demotivate from results atleast for few weeks.

8. Use proper high quality and optimized images, less text, videos and animations in your webstory.

9. Don't focus only on web story. Write content too along with web story and submit sitemap daily in search console. It has indirect effect on your web stories traffic too.

10. Be patient with results and try this steps for few weeks, you'll definitely get results.