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Waze Closes Carpool Service, Cites Changing Driving Trends

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It's not always the case in the real world, as the Israeli navigation app Waze, which Google owns,

announced the closing of its ride-sharing services that allow users to join for a small cost to drivers travelling to the same place.

Waze launched its carpool service in the year 2017 globally and also in Israel one year after. 

But, unlike Uber and Lyft applications, which provide exclusive rides with a designated driver, Waze's carpool struggled to achieve similar popularity, despite having low costs.

Waze stated: "The company has decided to end its Waze Carpool service across the globe.

The company will concentrate its resources and efforts on helping cities tackle traffic-related issues. 

While Waze was originally a travel application before the outbreak, today, the number of trips and errands is now higher than the daily commuter travel. 

We are incredibly proud of the results we've accomplished through Waze Carpool and would like to thank the carpool community for their efforts to decrease the number of cars on the roads.