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NASA: Volcanic Rocks Discovered By Perseverance Rover On Mars 

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The unbelievable discovery of the volcanic "igneous" rocks by NASA's Perseverance Mars rover on the Jezero Crater's bottom

Could be the key to unravelling Mars its climate history as well as providing the exact dates of the times it was moist and potentially habitable 

According to a thorough study of the findings from Perseverance's initial season on Mars.

"We were extremely excited to find igneous rocks", Ken Farley, a geochemistry professor at (Caltech),

 the project scientist for the mission and the lead author of the latest research, told reporters.

The discovery of the volcanic rocks was an absolute surprise, according to the Jezero crater.

"Most of us were expecting to be studying the rocks dumped by the lake, 

But it took us time to accept the reality that the rocks in the crater's floor are igneous rocks," Farley said.