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Viral Video Of 14-year-old Working As Delivery Agent: See Zomato's Response

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Zomato offers to pay for an education for a teenage boy who had to become a delivery driver because of financial constraints.

The video of the boy was widely distributed via Twitter. It was a red flag because many pointed out that it was a case of illegal child labor.

A Twitter user name Rahul Mittal recorded a video of the teenager as he brought food to his home located in New Delhi.

In the clip, a teenager says he works from 6 pm to 11 pm every night by using his bicycle to take food orders.

Video of 14-year-old hardworking boy

Credits: Rahul Mittal

The video became viral after being posted on microblogging platforms earlier in the week.

However, the food delivery company said it would not act against the family, keeping their situation in mind.

"We are grateful to the Internet users for alerting us to our attention.

We've been educating the family on the subject, but have not taken any action in this regard taking into consideration the current situation that the family is within," Zomato spokesperson said.