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Viral Video: Monk Climbs Steep Mountain Without Any Safety Harness

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A video from the past of a monk climbing a vertical mountain has again hit the Internet. Don't miss the video given at the end.

So what's the most surprising thing in the video? It shows him climbing the hill without the safety harness, and he effortlessly ascends. 

The video was shared by Tansu Yegen on Twitter. It has more than 500K views within hours. This viral clip has made people shocked.

The video that appears to have been taken by a woman attempting to climb a mountain in the safety harness shows the monk climbing to the summit in just a few seconds. 

This is quite astonishing, considering that the hill is entirely vertical. 

As the woman struggles to reach the top, look at one who can climb to the top of the mountain with no assistance.

Video Credits: @Pessoas