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Viral Video: Evolution Of Michael Jackson From 1969-2009

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A video on Twitter that illustrates Michael Jackson's changes in his face throughout the years has led to an online debate. 

The viral video shows the way his facial features changed over time between 1969 (when Jackson was just 11 years old) older) until 2009 (when Michael Jackson turned 50). 

The video illustrates how the singer's skin tone and facial features have changed over time. 

For example, the cheekbones of his face became sharper while his skin tone got lighter.

The video was uploaded by the Twitter account Lost in History on June 26. It has racked up 5.5 million viewers. 

People have highlighted how Jackson had to undergo surgery several times to correct several areas of his facial features. 

Viral Video Shows Evolution Of Michael Jackson From 1969-2009

Video Via: LostinHist0ry

However, one section of the internet claimed that the procedures were part of the medical treatment he received and that Jackson did not do any alteration to his face intentionally.