People were blown away by this brain-melting optical illusion. Today, You've to find in which direction the circle is turning (in the below shown image.)

This animation shows 12 blocks of wedge shape arranged in a circle that rotates in a continuous loop.


Let's learn how it works in the next slides.

The orientation of the camera appears to change as you observe it. Both the left and right sides appear to be in front.

It changes its direction when you look at one side. Likewise, the opposite face changes direction if you look at it.

Reddit user Niko22966 posted the illusion last week. It was then shared on Twitter, where it quickly became viral.

One user on Twitter wrote: "Love the way the brain sees it different depending on where it places a focus."

Another said, "Is it coming? Or going?" Then came the confused face emoji.

This illusion is achieved by using animation tricks to make the blocks appear like they are moving in two directions simultaneously.

You should keep your eyes on one block at the circle's nine- or three-o'clock positions. This is because as they rotate, they change their shape.

This creates the illusion that there are two types of movement.