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Saudi Arabia’s Reveals Design For New 105-Mile-Long Mirrored City - See Photos And Video

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A long and narrow strip of a town that is more than 105 miles in length, brimming with 9 million people and entirely powered by renewable energy. 

That's the plan Saudi Arabia's officials will pursue in mind for The Line, part of the "giga-project" which will transform the northwest region of Saudi Arabia.

The new design concepts, which have been revealed, reveal a futuristic walled town that is open in its interior. 

It is surrounded in both directions by a mirror façade that extends out from the Red Sea eastward across the desert before extending into an imposing mountain range.

The latest designs and stats that were revealed today include It will be just 200 meters in width (roughly two hundred yards);

It will rise to 500 meters above sea level, more than Empire State Building; Residents can run around with just five minutes of walking;

There will be no cars or other vehicles on the road. High speed rail can transport people from one end to other in just 20 minutes.

The construction has already started, and Saudi projections predict that 1.5 Million people will live on this place by 2030.

Video Credits: Neom.com