USA Signs Deal With Google To Develop Chips For Researchers

The U.S. Commerce Department announced that it had reached a cooperative agreement for research and development

With Alphabet Inc.'s Google to produce chips that researchers can use to create new semiconductor devices and nanotechnology. 

The Commerce Department's National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and Google signed the agreement. 

According to the department, the chips will be manufactured at SkyWater Technology's Bloomington, Minnesota, semiconductor foundry.

According to the agreement, Google will cover the initial costs of production as well as subsidize the first run. 

NIST will develop the circuitry for these chips with the help of university partners.

Several companies announced new semiconductor plants due to the legislation's passage.

In addition, the legislation authorized $52 billion in government subsidies to 

U.S. semiconductor research and production and an investment credit of $24 billion for chip plant investments.