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Unity CEO Apologizes For Calling Some Game Developers ‘fu**ing Idiots’

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Unity CEO John Riccitiello has apologized for calling some game developers "some of the biggest f**king idiots" in an interview and has vowed to "do better."

This story has been unfolding for some time, so let's go back a bit. On the 13th of July, Unity, a top-rated game engine, announced to join forces with ironSource. 

Riccitiello (who was previously the EA's CEO) EA) and Unity Director of Sales Marc Whitten was interviewed by Pocket Gamer about the news. 

This software company allows developers to make money from their games. The interviewer also talked about the reasons why some developers implement monetization later in the course of developing a game.

Not surprisingly, this statement was the source of severe criticism from developers, such as the Donut County (and more recently, Neon White) developer Ben Esposito.