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United States Government Using Sock Puppets To Spread Propaganda

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A new report by social research firm Graphika along with the Stanford Internet Observatory 

Has uncovered an array of activities that were both covert and less so, which were designed to "promote pro-Western propaganda" in nations like Russia, China, Afghanistan and Iran.

Twitter and Meta have removed several accounts on their platforms due to unauthentic behaviour.

By analyzing the activities of the accounts, they discovered that the accounts were conducting campaigns to attack or aid foreign governments.

The data were analyzed from more than 146 Twitter profiles (which reported 299,566 tweets) and 39 profiles on Facebook, and 26 Instagram accounts.

The Internet Observatory has released a report that reveals secret social media accounts that are connected in the direction of military operations. US military.

The majority of tweets and posts were only a few likes or retweets. And only 19% of them had over 1,000 people following them. 

This happens during social media companies are prepared to handle the influx of foreign influence in our elections.