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Dbrand’s ‘Something’ Skins Make Your Phone Look Like A Nothing Phone 1

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The Nothing Phone 1 is hyped and unique, and most will agree with this. But, unfortunately, there is not much availability. Dbrand is your answer. 

Dbrand, the accessory manufacturer, has unveiled a new line of skins called "Something," which promises to transform your iPhone 13 Pro Max or Pixel 6 Pro and Galaxy S22 Ultra into Nothing Phone 1.

Dbrand might seem to be playing with fire, which is probably true. "Some might accuse Dbrand of theft. Here's the counter: We stole nothing," the company states on its website. It's plagiarism, not theft. 

This is certainly not a crime. After Dbrand's comment that it had spent "a lot" tearing apart electronics, Dbrand says it was "uniquely qualified" to "rip off an industrial design and "creatively reinterpret it" for other devices.

These types of marketing stunts are not new to Dbrand. The company was in the news last year when it stopped selling custom PlayStation 5 faceplates after receiving a cease and desist letter from Sony. 

The company then announced a new version of its "Darkplates," which it claimed Sony wouldn't have a legal case against. However, we would not rule out the possibility of Nothing founder Carl Pei being involved. 

Pei is often credited with the guerilla marketing strategy that helped OnePlus to be on the map. Dbrand offers a range of skins that you can purchase online. The price for these skins starts at $24.95.