Ubisoft+ Is Available For Free For 30 Days

Ubisoft invites you to test its subscription service, Ubisoft+, for free on PC from now through October 10th.

Ubisoft has announced that Ubisoft+ will allow players to play their favorite franchises, challenge their friends, or create new worlds with Ubisoft+.

This includes new releases on Day One and premium editions DLC.

You have two options: limiting your PC access gives you 30 days to test its premium editions and 100+ games. 

Or you can opt for multi-access, which allows you to access Google Stadia via cloud gaming. 

Ubisoft says, "Play on any desktop or tablet" Multi Access is the best way to play on all devices without having to download anything or adjust your PC specs.

The subscription service offers 30 days, which is more than most. 

This gives you plenty of time to finish the Assassin's Creed game that you have started but not finished or get the DLC you missed.

However, if you do not cancel within the time frame, you will be charged. Unfortunately, Stadia and PC are the only available platforms.