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Uber To Show Drivers How Much They'll Be Paid Before Accepting A Trip

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Uber declares that it's "completely reinvented the way that drivers take rides" by introducing a feature known as "upfront fare,"

Which shows drivers precisely what they'll get paid for a ride and the destination they'll land in when they drop off a rider. 

In the announcement, Uber said that the change would be part of its efforts to make ride-sharing's driving experience more adaptable. 

Uber is also planning to roll out an option that allows drivers to view other requests for rides in their region and let them select specific passages they'd like to take.

For riders, the changes, which have been tested in selected locations, could mean fewer canceled trips because a driver doesn't want to go to the destination or realizes it won't be a perfect trip.

According to upfront-fee documentation, the price displayed to drivers before accepting an offer is based on "several variables,

Such as the base price along with estimated duration and length of the trip as well as the distance to pick up and surcharge pricing." 

In addition, it explains that if a rider changes the location of the drop-off point or if there's "unexpected traffic" on the route, then the cost will be changed.

Unfortunately, the amount doesn't also include factors such as wait times or tips.

Uber didn't respond immediately to the journalist's request for clarification on which areas of the United States would not be receiving early fares.

Alongside upfront fares, Uber promises to more broadly introduce the feature known as trip radar, which gives drivers the option of recommending nearby ride requests. 

Drivers can select the rides they'd like to take from the list, and when Uber determines that it's an ideal match, it'll provide them with the job. 

Uber says that drivers will still receive individual requests for rides; however, they'll have the option to use trip radar to identify "another route that could be more suitable for them."