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Two Year Old Girl Kills Snake By Biting It

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This story would be unbelievable if it were told to you by a relative or friend.

Two-year-old SE killed a snake by herself as revenge for the reptile biting into her lip.

Little SE (identified only as her initials) was playing outside her home's backyard when screams alerted neighbors.

They were stunned to find a little girl with a snake in her mouth and a bite mark on her lower lip when they got to the backyard.

According to UNILAD reports, she was given immediate first aid and rushed to the Bingol Maternity and Children's Hospital.

She was then placed under observation for 24 hours. She was not in danger, however.

"My neighbors told me that the snake was in my child's hand, and she was playing with the snake before it bit her.

Mehmet Ercan, her father, responded by saying she had bitten the snake in retaliation.