Two people were killed when a Nio electric car crashed from the third floor of the Shanghai office.

The crash resulted in the deaths of one member of staff as well as a person from a company partner.

According to the firm, the incident occurred on Wednesday at 17:20 local time. The victims were in the vehicle when it crashed from the building.

Nio said it immediately began an investigation into the incident in cooperation with government officials.

The third-floor area where the car crashed has been described in various ways, including as a showroom or testing facility.

"Our company collaborated with the public security department to investigate the accident and conduct an analysis.

As a result, the company released a statement stating that they had analysed the scene and could confirm that it was an accident but not caused by the vehicle.

"We are very sorry for this accident, and we would like to offer our deepest condolences and support to the partner, employee and colleague who lost their lives. It added that a team was set up to assist the families.

Nio's first statement on Weibo received more than 1000 comments in less than half an hour. However, it was later removed. Many social media users were angry at the last sentence, "not related" to the vehicle.

One commenter said it showed the "cold blood of capitalism", while another stated that the last sentence was indifferent. The test drivers came to the vehicle to inspect it, but they say that the accident has nothing to do with the vehicle. ".

Another Weibo user stated: "It should have been the public security bureau to confirm whether it's an accident."

Since then, the car manufacturer has posted a revised version. It still refers to the accident as a crash but has "not caused" in brackets to remove that portion of the sentence. All comments on the post are now "RIP".

Nio is at the forefront of China's domestic drive to dominate the electric vehicle industry. To overcome customer concerns about frequent charging, it has placed a lot of emphasis on interchangeable batteries in its cars.

This company is an opponent of Elon Musk's multi-billionaire electric car manufacturer Tesla in the USA. It has a major manufacturing facility in Shanghai.