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Twitter Will Soon Allow You To Post Images, Videos, Etc In 1 Tweet

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Twitter has a new feature in development that allows users to attach multiple media formats to one tweet. 

This feature allows users to add images, videos, and GIFs to one tweet.

Twitter users who have been using it for a long time will know that Twitter supports only one type of media. 

Although you can attach up to four images, it is impossible to attach more than one video or GIF. You cannot also mix and match them.

This update maintains the four-media limit but allows you to have images, videos, and GIFs in any combination within those four slots.

Twitter spoke to journalists to say they are testing a new feature for select accounts. 

It will allow users to combine up to four media assets in one tweet regardless of format. For example, we are seeing more visual conversations on Twitter. 

People use images, GIFS, and videos to make these conversations more interesting. 

This test will allow us to see how people combine different media formats on Twitter to express themselves creatively beyond the 280 characters' limit.

The feature will be limited to accounts located in certain regions, as with Twitter tests. The rollout date of the feature is not yet known.