Twitter is testing a new feature that allows users to share notes as long as 2,500 words.

Twitter stated that the decision was made in response to people using Twitter to post longer announcements and direct followers to other newsletters.

The test will last for two months and involve a small number of writers from Canada, Ghana, the UK, and the US.

This new feature is designed to keep users in the Twitter ecosystem. Readers can see a headline and click on a link to access the full note.

Writers will have the ability to embed photos, gifs, and other features in long-form essays. These essays can then be read on Twitter. After publication, notes can be edited.

The company announced the news using the Notes product. "With Notes, your goal is to fill that missing piece."

This move comes after Twitter purchased Revue, a Dutch newsletter startup, last year. Dr. Laura Toogood, a social media expert, said that the trial was a major step forward for Twitter.

She stated that the feature encourages people to stay on the platform and not to link out to other sites that can host long-form material.

She further said that Twitter now can compete with other popular blogging platforms and possibly attract a new audience or a different type of user.

It will encourage existing users to use Twitter to post instead of moving to other websites. This will allow them to keep their audience.