Twitter Uses Elon Musk Poop Emoji As Evidence In Lawsuit Against Him

In another bizarre episode in the ongoing Twitter-Elon Musk saga, the social media platform used the infamous poop emoji as evidence he had disparaged the company. 

Musk used the Emoji to respond to Parag Agrawal, Twitter CEO,'s May 16 tweet about bot accounts.

Agrawal was discussing the method Twitter uses to detect bot accounts. This is the main reason Musk's legal team walked away from the deal.

Agrawal stated in a Twitter thread that rooting out bot accounts is in both the company's best interests and those of users.

What If Elon Musk Disregards A Court Order To Buy Twitter? The report stated that spammers are incentivized to remove as much spam as possible daily. "Anyone suggesting otherwise is wrong."

He said, "We suspend more than half a million spam accounts every day, often before any of you see them on Twitter. 

We lock millions of accounts that we suspect to be spam each week if they fail human verification challenges (captchas and phone verification, etc.).

Musk responded to the lengthy thread with a smiley poop emoticon. Musk wrote a separate tweet, "So how can advertisers know what they get for their money?" This is crucial to Twitter's financial health.

Twitter used the tweet as evidence that he had disparaged the company repeatedly.

A complaint states that Musk has repeatedly dissented Twitter and the deal since signing the merger agreement. This creates business risk for Twitter and puts downward pressure on its share prices.

Twitter has sued Musk in an attempt to force him to complete his $44 billion takeovers of the social media company by accusing him of "outlandish" and "bad faith" actions that have caused the platform irreparable harm and "wreaked havoc" on its stock price.

Although Twitter is a strong candidate, legal experts warn that the court battle ahead will be lengthy, contentious, and uncertain. 

Musk could be forced to finish the acquisition by the court, or they could reach an agreement. In this turbulent saga, there are very few other options.

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