The maximum length of posts on social media platforms is 280 characters.

Twitter stated that the decision was made in response to people using Twitter to post longer announcements and direct followers to other newsletters.

The test will last for two months and involve a small number of writers from Canada, Ghana, the UK, and the US.

This new feature is designed to keep users in the Twitter ecosystem. Readers can see a headline and click on a link to access the full note.

Writers will have the ability to embed photos, gifs and other features in long-form essays. These essays can then be read on Twitter. After publication, notes can be edited.

This latest move comes amid concerns about Twitter's business prospects as Elon Musk's proposed takeover raises questions about the company's direction.

In April, the firm announced that it was developing an edit button. This announcement came shortly after Musk revealed that he had purchased a large share in the company. Twitter claimed that the events were not related.

Musk also stated that he believes there is potential for a subscription model where people would pay to access the platform.