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Twitter 400M Users Data Leaked And Posted For Sale

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In what is being called the biggest Twitter data breach, 400 million Twitter users' data was put up for sale online.

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This news comes one day after the Irish Data Protection Commission announced that it was investigating a 

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Previous Twitter data breach that had affected more than 5.4 million people. The breach occurred in November.

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The hacker posted a sample data file on one of the hacker forums to prove the authenticity of the data. 

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The following data is included in the sample: name, email, username, number of followers, creation date, and, in certain cases, phone number.

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Surprisingly, the hacker provided sample data from high-profile user accounts. 

These user data are included in the sample data: Mark Cuban, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Scott Morrison, SpaceX, Linus Tech Tips, CBS Media, Vitalik Buterin, Donald Trump Jr., etc.


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