Twitch is currently testing a new way to find new channels. It reminds me of channel surfing on my old TV. It calls this the Channel Switcher.

This allows you to easily browse previews of many streams to find what you are looking for. You won't even see any ads when you use them.

If you don't know what you want, it can be hard to find something you like on Twitch.

My personal routine is to go to the homepage and scan the sidebar to see who I follow. Then click on a game or category to view who is currently streaming or navigate to the streamer's account.

If I need to leave a stream I'm watching, I have two options: click on another recommended account or recommendation in the sidebar, or go back to Twitch's Browse section.

This last option is not my favourite, as I am often plagued by choice paralysis.

Channel Switcher seems to be a faster way to see many streamers. According to Ashton Williams, a Twitch spokesperson, you can view a preview of 60 seconds before choosing whether to click through or go to another channel

Channel Switcher is currently only available to a few lucky people. Williams said that only a few users have access to Channel Switcher currently. 

The random selection of those who get it is based on their log-in status. The experiment will be shut down in July to allow the company to analyze the results.

However, Williams noted that Twitch intends to continue developing future iterations of the feature and may offer an optin option.

Other updates included Guest Star, a tool that allows streamers to add guests to their streams, and the ability for streamers to create their own tags.